AIRDRIE Census 2019

When you complete the Census ONLINE you will automatically be entered into a draw for one of three Genesis Place Annual Family Memberships.  

The primary purpose for conducting the census is to produce a total population count. The count provides the basis for calculating per capita grants for municipalities.  Questions regarding the census may be directed to Legislative Services at (403) 948-8816. 



Who to Count


i. all persons who usually live in the dwelling, even if they are temporarily away (such as on a business trip or at school), such as college/university students*  who have not established a usual residence elsewhere;

ii. any persons staying at or visiting the dwelling if they have no other usual home;

iii. in the case of joint custody, children staying at the dwelling on April 1 are to be counted;

iv. hotel residents and employees who have no usual home elsewhere;

v.  persons in the Armed Forces even if away on tour/rotation;

vi.  infants born before or on April 1, 2019;

vii. deceased persons who were alive on April 1, 2019;

viii. any persons who usually live in the dwelling, but are currently in an institution (such as a hospital or correctional institution). However, if they have been in the institution for more than six months, do not include them as a usual resident of the dwelling.

*Students are included as usual residents at their home (i.e. parents' home) if they have not established a usual residence elsewhere.  If the student rents accommodation for the purposes of attending an educational institution but usually resides with other family members who are usual residents in Alberta, the student is still deemed to reside with those family members.

Note:  A person can have only one place of usual residence.  If a person has more than one residence in Alberta, that person shall designate one place of residence as the person’s usual residence.  A person’s usual residence is the place where the person lives and sleeps and to which, when the person is absent from it, the person intends to return.  A person shall designate the person’s usual residence in accordance with the following factors in the following order of priority:

(a) the address shown on the person’s driver’s licence or motor vehicle operator’s licence issued by or on behalf of the Government of Alberta, or on an identification card issued by or on behalf of the Government of Alberta;

(b) the address to which the person’s income tax correspondence is addressed and delivered;

(c) the address to which the person’s mail is addressed and delivered.

Do not include:

i. temporary residents (those who have a usual residence elsewhere);

ii. members of the household who are now in an institution and have been there for the past six months or longer;

iii. visitors and those persons who have a usual residence elsewhere;

iv. infants born after the census date (April 1, 2019);

v. college/university students who have a usual residence elsewhere;

vi. members of the household who live elsewhere;

vii. persons living at temporary residences, such as vacation homes.

Use of Personal Information

The personal information on this form is collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RSA 2000, c F-25, and is used solely to verify census information.

Questions about collection of this personal information can be directed to the City’s FOIP Coordinator at 400 Main Street SE, Airdrie, Alberta, T4B 3C3, or by phone at (403) 948-8816.

The information provided in response to the municipal census is used for statistical purposes only and is not released in a format that can be connected to an individual, household or municipal address.  However, please note that collected addressing information may be released, including groups of less than 50 dwellings, to emergency personnel for the purposes of managing an emergency or for planning/training for an emergency.  (i.e. evacuation purposes).  This information is limited to the municipal address only and will not be linked to any census responses.